For the last four years Sustainable Media Partners has produced profiles of the finalists for the CleanTech Achievement Award, presented by the CleanTech Alliance to outstanding regional organizations and companies. Three semifinalist profiles highlight the CTAW Annual Meeting, and set up the grand prize Award winner announced at that event.

Sustainable Media Partners has a long history with McKinstry, filming a then-candidate Barack Obama announcing his clean energy vision there some ten years ago. McKinstry was also a lead sponsor of the piece “Evergreen: The Washington Clean Tech,” a Sustainable Media film credited by many as helping “put clean tech on the map.”

Choose Washington State

Washington State Department of Commerce

Sustainable solutions, like business legends, are built to last. We helped the State of Washington’s Commerce Department identify and profile tomorrow’s regional business legends in the making. As in our previous work with Commerce – supporting the Washington Export Initiative with a series of profiles of outstanding exporting businesses – we traveled the entire state, featuring the next trillion-dollar software firm, Avalara, new initiatives and talent at the Gates Foundation, and star agricultural exporters Anderson Hay and Grain, among others.

Participants appreciated our news / documentary style, nimble, efficient production approach, and building their unique stories from the ground up – on location, person-to-person, collegial and conversational.

Washington State Department of Commerce uses “Choose Washington – Where Else?” on its web site, as a recruitment tool for new business partners, and to solicit foreign direct investment in Washington State.

The Tao of Green: Clean Tech in China

Sustainable Media Partners

A trade mission to China revealed an extraordinary, booming infrastructure and cities built on a scale that dwarfs any we’ve seen. Beijing itself is 6500 square miles in area – by contrast Los Angeles is around 350 square miles. And although we looked for clean technology, we found instead a competitive mindset that wants to dominate world production of wind, solar and thermal power, not necessarily apply it to a population gagging on smog and sickened by water pollution.

Hal and business Partner Thom Kroon spent 8 days in Shanghai and Beijing, shuttling between delegation meetings and traditional sights such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City – truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Our twelve minute film – “The Tao of Green” – took advantage of the expertise and access of our fellow delegates and unprecedented on-location filming with Chinese thought leaders and officials. The result is a spectacular, but sobering, look at this phenomenal country which aspires both to lead the world in clean tech manufacturing but has yet to apply these innovations to its beleaguered population – smog-beset and enduring nothing less than an environmental / public health crisis.