“Too much energy, too much waste.”

Green Healthcare

WSU College of Nursing and Providence Health

Healthcare is one of America’s most prodigious users of energy – up to five per cent of our energy national energy expenditures – and generators of waste. “Green Healthcare” profiled thought leaders making a difference regionally and nationally, while educating the next generation of nurses. Providence Health in Missoula, Montana, and the Washington State University College of Nursing share a unique resource: Sustainability Coordinator and WSU Research Professor Beth Schenk, a superstar in both these organizations. Beth’s team in Missoula generates research, implementation strategies and a vision / roadmap for a greener and more environmentally responsible healthcare system.

Meanwhile the WSU College of Nursing, with over 800 nurses in training, continues to generate new strategies for
greening the administration of patient care. We’d helped WSU publicize a number of worthy programs previously, including clean tech innovations at the School of Engineering and Architecture.

Thanks to the interest in “Green Healthcare” regionally and nationally, our Case Study Video / Book / Study Guide combination became the first custom “standalone” offering from Sustainable Media Partners – a single case suitable for shorter, intensive introductory and training sessions.