“This attracts worldwide notice.”

The Living Building

The Bullitt Foundation

It’s the world’s first inter-urban, rented-out, energy-budgeted “living building.” The Bullitt Foundation asked Sustainable Media Partners to chronicle its design, building, and birth, with status reports on how it’s meeting the Living Building Challenge. This five-minute introductory piece is used to orient first time Seattle visitors, and communicate with a worldwide audience of interested builders and environmentalists.

A personal highlight: spending time with Bullitt Foundation President Denis Hayes, known by many as one of the Founders of Earth Day, but more specifically someone who share’s Hal’s southwest Washington roots. “After apologizing to this environ-God that I was in fact a Longview ‘Lumberjack,’ he replied in kind that as a Camas ‘Papermaker’ he’d traveled some distance as well from the old ‘resource extraction’ economics and ethics.”

A host of partners and participants also use our film, especially the legions of subcontractors and suppliers who subscribed to the rigorous terms of the Living Building Challenge. They’re now applying those win / win innovations in their own businesses: Goldfinch Brothers of Everett have become 21st Century glass people.