“There is no clean tech in China.”

The Tao of Green: Clean Tech in China

Sustainable Media Partners

A trade mission to China revealed an extraordinary, booming infrastructure and cities built on a scale that dwarfs any we’ve seen. Beijing itself is 6500 square miles in area – by contrast Los Angeles is around 350 square miles. And although we looked for clean technology, we found instead a competitive mindset that wants to dominate world production of wind, solar and thermal power, not necessarily apply it to a population gagging on smog and sickened by water pollution.

Hal and business Partner Thom Kroon spent 8 days in Shanghai and Beijing, shuttling between delegation meetings and traditional sights such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City – truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Our twelve minute film – “The Tao of Green” – took advantage of the expertise and access of our fellow delegates and unprecedented on-location filming with Chinese thought leaders and officials. The result is a spectacular, but sobering, look at this phenomenal country which aspires both to lead the world in clean tech manufacturing but has yet to apply these innovations to its beleaguered population – smog-beset and enduring nothing less than an environmental / public health crisis.