Sustainable Solutions

The Business of Green

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Introducing an innovative and experiential workforce development program for global application. Training materials include:

  • Book (10 Case Studies) — Experience first-hand, from today's leading companies, how sustainable business can contribute to both planet and profit.
  • Study Guide — Case-study learning comes to life through various exercises, designed for flexible application: small-group facilitation, classroom training, seminars, or self-study.
  • Videos (DVD) — Introduce the program and reinforce learning. Choose from two 20-minute Introductory films and ten 3-minute Case Study films. Available as DVD or download.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why this program, why now?

Sustainability is a modern buzz word, with powerful implications but fuzzy definition. People want to learn more about it, how it applies to their businesses and organizations, and to themselves.

What’s different about your “Sustainable Solutions” definition of sustainability?

We call it 21st Century Sustainability. It’s more than environmentalism or clean tech. It’s pro-business and pro-environment, both. The case study examples in the program come from the real world - they’re practical applications of this new sustainability at work.

Why are you using case studies?

Sustainable Media Group wanted a program that came straight from the streets, not from the worlds of academia or corporate training. Those are, however, our primary markets: we’re emissaries from business to the learning community.

Who are the audiences?

Because this program is in multiple media — videos, print resources, downloads, study guides — it can flex to fit different audiences and time frames for learning. Primary audiences are corporate trainers, secondary and college students, workforce training and development administrators, and that new person so recently identified in most every organization these days: sustainability officer.

What are these different time frames and learning environments?

One-hour seminars and introductory keynotes. 2 to 4 hour certificate-style programs introducing the principles of modern sustainability applicable to most organizations. Full day complete case-based interactive classroom learning session. And self-study, either on line or at home.

Does this program require a facilitator?

The program can be either self-study or facilitated. Recommended self-study includes coaching or mentoring, and some feedback and self-assessment. The program is built to be personalized, individualized, and customized by the individuals and organizations using it.

Can I personalize the program to my own organization?

Yes, it’s meant to be expandable and customizable. Organizations can also incorporate their own sustainability philosophy and practices into customized versions of the program available through the publishers. Private labeled editions are available, with company logotypes and endorsements.