Eco Capitalists

Green Canopy Homes

This Pacific Northwest company buys and retrofits classic homes – fixer uppers – with a competitive edge: making them energy smart can add 5% to 10% to their market value. Green Canopy Homes brings a background in finance, real estate, and money markets to their innovative business model, not just environmentalist credentials. The hybrid creates a powerful business model with real bottom-line results.

We visited three projects, shooting on-location process video from energy audits to demolition to a realtor open house showcasing a pristine finished product. Company founder Aaron Fairchild proved a real kindred spirit – he was one of the first to step onboard for the then-fledgling “Solutions Stories” project – and benefitted greatly from the film debut at the Climate Solutions’ Annual Breakfast.

Since its inception, “Solutions Stories” has profiled over a dozen enterprises in the Northwest putting together bottom-line focused energy and environmental improvements.