Live, Work, Play: Port Orchard

Port Orchard Washington

It’s both picturesque and practical – a village of 13,000 souls set on Puget Sound and making its living both through traditional business and from its unmatched quality of life. We told the Port Orchard story via conversations with a choice and colorful collection of locals.

Who knew…that one of the largest selling contemporary authors in the world – Debbie Macomber – makes her home, and takes much of her inspiration, from Port Orchard? Who knew…that bonsai gardener and guru Dan Robinson has assembled a world-class collection of ornamental trees and plants there (he’s the one that likes it a little gnarly, by the way)? Who knew…that inventor Rick Flaherty might be pioneering LED lighting solutions that will revolutionize energy efficiency and housing design?

Our approach to Port Orchard was, as usual, getting to know its people and facilitating their stories. With the behemoth Puget Sound Naval Shipyard looming across the salt water, Port Orchard offers the best of both worlds: a cozy enclave, picturesque in the extreme, at the heart of a vital economic lifeline for the state and the nation.