Renewing Brew

Energy Trust of Oregon &  Worthy Brewing

Bend, Oregon is a hotbed of craft brewing: putting the right stuff in the suds combines sound business and sustainable use of resources. Worthy Brewing is one of dozens of craft brewers now epi-centered in the Bend area of central Oregon. And this being Oregon, of course, quality of life and respect for the environment are huge considerations for any business, let alone one that relies so heavily on the bounty of the earth, air and water.

Highlight of our trip was a visit to Goschie Farms and roaming among the towering hops. Gail Goschie is a second generation hop farmer, entirely at home both as steward of her family business and energy innovator. Gail and her family have pioneered practical ways to cut their energy bills and overhead: Energy Trust of Oregon is helping them save both money and power.

In downtown Bend, Worthy Brewing has created a hands-on environment both for brew connoisseurs and sustainability geeks – a magnificent pub and tasting room married to demonstrations projects, tours, and public education. Our 2:00 film has given Worthy a big push regionally and proved among the most popular in our ongoing partnership with Climate Solutions.

Eco Capitalists

Green Canopy Homes

This Pacific Northwest company buys and retrofits classic homes – fixer uppers – with a competitive edge: making them energy smart can add 5% to 10% to their market value. Green Canopy Homes brings a background in finance, real estate, and money markets to their innovative business model, not just environmentalist credentials. The hybrid creates a powerful business model with real bottom-line results.

We visited three projects, shooting on-location process video from energy audits to demolition to a realtor open house showcasing a pristine finished product. Company founder Aaron Fairchild proved a real kindred spirit – he was one of the first to step onboard for the then-fledgling “Solutions Stories” project – and benefitted greatly from the film debut at the Climate Solutions’ Annual Breakfast.

Since its inception, “Solutions Stories” has profiled over a dozen enterprises in the Northwest putting together bottom-line focused energy and environmental improvements.