I’m Hal Calbom – award-winning media producer, educator, publisher, and creative consultant.

If it hasn’t already, the idea of “sustainability” will soon become essential to your business acumen and success: shaping your communications, defining your culture, and nurturing committed workplace relationships. True 21st Century business sustainability reconciles people, planet, and profit, and I can help you get there.

Uncover competencies & opportunities.

Utilizing the broad purview I’ve developed collaborating with business across varied industries, I help you discover and leverage existing competencies and opportunities that otherwise go undetected. I mine for information, analyze markets, and help you benchmark against industry standards and contemporary thought leaders.

Shape and amplify your narrative.

In a world awash in noise and information, impactful storytelling has never been more critical. I work with you to shape your own stories more effectively and magnify their impact through multiple media. My approach is collegial, empathetic, and reality-based, helping you develop and implement your own sustainable solutions.

Develop programs for powerful influence.

Welcome to the Relationship Age. The currency of contemporary business is trust, credibility and applicability – and that requires connecting real people with a story about you and your business that is accessible and reliable. Working with my team I will help you develop internal and external programs that reinforce clear and consistent application of your narratives inside and outside your organization.